A very different Florida history

Historian and Author, Ted Ehmann meticulously researches and fashions

Florida history, forgotten or nearly forgotten.

Wetlands surrounding Charlotte Harbor Florida


I write the histories of the place where I live. Writing Florida's forgotten histories allows me to live fully in this place. Everywhere around me has a different presence, since I have delved into the everything from the geologic events that created the landscape, the fauna and to the numerous people that lived in and were connected to this place over  the past 13,000 years.


When I share my histories with others, the most common response is "why haven't I heard about that before/". I know because that was my response to some incredible facts and histories that I discovered when I retired here in 2016.

I have been an interdisciplinary learner and teacher all my life. My bookshelves are filled with books on every subject and in most disciplines. As an artist and teacher by profession, I have always seen connections that most people do not recognize.. I never thought about being a writer of history. Florida, specifically "forgotten Florida" called this new chapter in my life forward. Once you make new discoveries, important ones, they must be shared. Every book proposal that I have submitted to a publisher, states upfront. If I don't write this story and you don't publish it, it will be lost to fture generations for eternity.

Since the 1920s Florida has been a winter destination. People come and go. Rootless people in places overtime actually lose their histories and stories. Similar to its beautiful natural environment, Florida's stories are also endangered. Each one of my histories, slows you down enough to 

learn the stories of places and people long-gone, but now remembered. All my subjects as as relevant today as they were in the past, and some more so. I hope you enjoy them. 

Great Circle, Fort Center Archaeological Site, Glade County, FL, Art by Dee Turman

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