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I have researched all of the archaeology and theories on the mound building people of south Florida. What I discovered will surprise you. The Great Circle, a 1400 foot wide, 6 feet deep ritual construction built in 800 B.C. ( far left in illustration on left) Predates the Aden, Hopewell and Mississippi mound builders by 1000 years. The unique belief system and social organization of Nort American mound builders originated in the south. First Poverty Point in Louisiana 1650 - 200 B.C. and south Florida around Lake Okeechobee  800 B.C.

Fisheating Creek, site of the Fort Center Archaeological Site and the Great Circle

The four monumental earthwork complexes around Lake Okeechobee were the result of cultural synthesis. The Mayaimi local lake people, the newly arrived Calusa and a trans-regional cult came together, developed unifying beliefs and built "the most significant earthworks by hunter-gathers in world prehistory" ( Thompson & Pluckhahn 2014)

Pictured right: Fisheating Creek, Glade County, FL location of the Fort Center Site where Woodland Indians gathered, buried their dead and formed meaningful alliances for 25 centuries.

Calusa, carved  wooden mechanical head piece. Alamy stock potos

Calusa achievements unique in world history

The Calusa built entire islands from shells, engineered sophisticated canal systems, while producing sophisticated and naturalistic carving of the birds, mammals and reptiles that were their relations and with whom they shared their world.

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The People of the Great Circle, Prehistoric Mound Builders in South Florida

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Florida's Gray Gold, The Phosphate Mining Boom in the Deep South 1868 -2018, Pineapple Press

Finally, the first comprehensive history of phosphate mining in Florida. With over 100 historic photographs, Florida's Gray Gold chronicles the places, people and technology that were the heart of the mining of Florida's Bone Valley, then and now. You will learn about the speculators, the miners and the people of Bone Valley who witnessed the mining boom into the 21st Century. as well as the growth of the Gulf ports. The book shows the ghost towns and the wastelands, as well as the growing opposition by environmentalists, as well as the industrialization of agriculture that gave rise to phosphate-based fertilizers.


COMING IN 2021- To the Ends of the World, A History of Charlotte County Florida

I have been busy research and writing a history in time for the Count's Centennial on April 23,2021. The book begins with the early settlers on the Charlotte Harbor after the Civil War and ends in the present day. Many of the county's most prominent founders are revisited with many surprising reveals.

Bone Valley, then and now

Florida's Gray Gold, as a history is more relevant today than in years past. Over the past 122 years, one third of the state of Florida has been strip mined. Bone Valley has witnessed major accidents negatively impacting are creeks, aquifer and rivers. Reclamation has not restored each area's ecology. Many call attention to the pressing environmental catastrophy as mining companies expand to capture the last remaining viable deposits in Bone Valley's southern extremities.

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