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2019 Courses taught by the author at FGCU

Florida Gulf Coast University's Renaissance Academy

The People of the Great Circle- Prehistoric Mound Builders in South Florida  Sept. 9   10 AM - 12 PM  

Course HC2163

If you think you know about the Calusa Indians that lived here for 25 centuries, think again

Ehmann will present the key points that form his forthcoming book of the same title. The first-ever book on the pre-history for the average reader, his book serves also as a history of the failed conclusions and models used by Florida archaeologists since the 1980, in order for the public to view the Calusa in the proper light, as the most significant hunter-gathering society in world history. 

Stealing the White House    Sept. 26  10 AM -12 PM   Course HC2164

This is an interdisciplinary view of what occurred since the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election. Ted Ehmann using scholars who have researched the mythical archetype the "Trickster" reveals how our 45th president is the re-incarnation of one of the world's most celebrated figures. Multiple sources document his hypothesis including the classic interview with Joseph Campbell for PBS.

Florida's Gray Gold: The Phosphate Mining Boom in the Deep South 1868 -2018    Oct. 8   10 AM-12 PM

This course is a synopsis of Ehmann's book by the same title which will be available on Pineapple Press in March 2021. His is the first-ever complete book about the Florida phosphate mining boom which is still in progress. Using a wealth of primary sources and original photographs, you will learn everything about phosphate, its mining history, the miners, the speculators and the environmentalists attempting to stop it.    CourseHC2165

A Prison of Our Own Making     Oct. 23   10 AM- 12 PM   CourseHC2166

Ehmann, a graduate in Neuro-Linguistic Programming, created this course for anyone who wishes to discover their full potential, regardless of their age. A major part of his studies and applications has been in recognizing and changing "belief systems". All humans, beginning very early create beliefs and then systems of beliefs. Beliefs reside in the subconscious and have no basis in reality or fact. They do however present road blocks that limit our lives. Knowledge is power, knowledge of knowing how to alter your belief system will achieve revolutionary outcomes.

Pictures From the Journey, the Life and Times of Wells Moses Sawyer  Nov, 4  10 AM - 12 PM  HC2167

This presentation is based on Ehmann's research and written biography of artist/anthropologist Wells Moses Sawyer. Sawyer has had a major presence on the internet for decades but no biography. Born in the Missouri Territories in 1863, Sawyer set out to be an Impressionist landscape artist. He died as that in Sarasota in 1960 after fathering the art movement there. His true love was anthropology due to his year with the Pepper-Hearst Expedition of the Calusa in Southwest Florida in 1896. It is aremarkable story of a world-citizen, romantic and artist.

When Cattle Was King-Punta Gorda's Beginnings  Nov. 25   10 AM- 12 PM  Course HC2222 

Punta Gorda has since its founding tried to reinvent itself. The true history lies in the cattle kingdoms that built and used the city and the "fat point" for shipping cattle to Cuba. While city founders painted the city as cosmopolitan, agricultural and a healthy paradise, there was lawlessness, saloons, gun fights and cattle drives through the town. Discover this unique history and the portraits of the various cattle kingdoms and cattle barons that controlled the Peace River Valley into the 20th century.

The Pre-History of Charlotte Harbor Part I, 14,000 B.C. -1000 B.C.  Dec. 10     10 AM - 12 PM

The Pre-History of Charlotte Harbor Part II, the Woodland Periods 1000 B.C. -1700 A.D.  Dec. 17    10 AM - 12 PM

Course HC2223  2 part course

A short and concise his of humans in the Charlotte Harbor over 14,000 years.

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